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Welcome to Buddington Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, home of Nationally ranked Performance dogs! Here is a little bit about me and my breeding practices, please enjoy your visit and feel free to contact me with further questions.


Health and longevity is of paramount importance to me as a breeder, and only dogs who pass all health clearances are candidates to be bred. All of my dogs visit a canine board certified Cardiologist yearly to be screened for the leading cause of death in Cavaliers – Mitral Valve Disease. All new owners are provided with copies of these OFA clearances. Potential breeding animals are also checked by a Veterinarian for other Cavalier-related health concerns including patella luxation, hip displaysia and eye abnormalities.

Puppies are carefully monitored and are dewormed several times before they leave. At 8 weeks of age they receive their first shots and are checked by a veterinarian for general health, specifically screening for heart, joint, and eye problems.


Buddington Cavaliers are specifically bred to be highly trainable, enthusiastic, outgoing, and athletic. My purpose is to breed Cavaliers that excel at performance events, especially AKC Agility. As the only breeder of successful performance Cavalier in the U.S., the dogs are consistently ranked in the top ten AKC Agility Cavaliers, as well as being invited yearly to the AKC Agility National Championships. To date, Buddington dogs have achieved close to 50 agility titles, 3 of which are Master Agility Championships. In addition to agility competitions, Buddington Cavaliers have been successful in obedience, rally, tracking and as therapy dogs.


If you are not looking for a show dog, don’t worry! While all the dogs are capable of being successful competitors, their true purpose is being world-class companions. Because of their outgoing and intelligent nature, my dogs are perfectly suited to many lifestyles. Their athletic build makes them great walking and jogging partners, yet they are equally content with a night on the couch. Their small size and minimal grooming requirements makes them well suited for many different living arrangements and they are lovely traveling companions.